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Toiletry Spray

Let’s face it.  There are two things we adults hate more than anything. Being stuck at a friend’s house and you have to GO or WORSE, that one person that gets stuck at YOUR house…and has to GO!


Some odors can be gone but not forgotten!


Amarillo Candle company has the solution to that problem.  Amarillo Candle Company’s Toiletry Spray!


Other sprays just add a scent to the already stinky odor. The toiletry spray doesn’t mask the odor or add to it, it traps the odor and simply flushes away.


With just 4-6 sprays on the water in the bowl before you go and your secret is safe between you and the bathroom.


Amarillo Candle Company’s Toiletry Spray comes in a large 8 ounce bottle. Trust me, you will be thankful to have it.

Toiletry Spray Scent