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Pumpkin Roll


Nothing says Fall quite like pumpkin pie. We have added our own touch to this classic and customized a scent based on our holiday tradition. Every year, we make Pumpkin Rolls as gifts for friends and family. Let me tell you, the house smells amazing during this process. Bright orange pumpkin, warm cinnamon, sweet vanilla with a pinch of earthy cloves is a heavenly combination. Rich and decadent. The delicious aroma of Pumpkin Roll will make your tummy rumble and your mouth water. YUMMY!


Grandma’s house at the holidays never smelled so good. Amarillo Candle company’s newest scent, Pumpkin Roll, transports you through time to the edge of Grandma’s counter and the moment when the fresh-baked pumpkin pies, breads and cake rolls were removed from the oven to be the final, perfect, finishing touch on the quintessential holiday dinners. Family, home, and celebration are the prevailing sensations with our proud new candle, Pumpkin Roll.


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