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Amarillo Candle Company - Scent Drops

You are in complete control with Amarillo Candle Company’s scent drops.


Amarillo Candle Company’s scent drops are concentrated scent oils that you can add to unscented melt tabs for that perfect fragrance.


Scent drops added to your candle warmer are a perfect way to quickly have that vibrant fragrance throughout your home.


Simply add 3-4 drops of the scent of your choice to an unscented melt tab to your candle warmer and instantly fill your home with an invigorating aroma.


Be adventurous and blend more than one scent drop for a unique and personal experience.


Add a couple scent drops to your car freshener to spice up that freshener that has lost it’s scent.


One 1 oz. bottle of Amarillo Candle Company’s scent drops is equivalent to 4-5 melt tab packages.

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