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Amarillo Candle Company Products



Here at Amarillo Candle Company, you will find candles made in our own 12oz and 21oz jars. We are also able to take any custom piece you bring in, create and pour a custom scent just for you in any color you want. You won't find this type of service at any other retailer that sells candles.

Melt Tabs


Amarillo Candle Company's Melt Tabs comes in a pack of 6 hand made tabs. Our melt tabs can be used in any candle warmer. Our melt tabs can be mixed and matches in your warmer to create a unique and immediate fragrance that fills your home. So invite all of your friends to come over and enjoy.

Scent Drops


Amarillo Candle Company's Scent Drops are concentrated scent oils that can be added to unscented melt tabs in any candle warmer to quickly fill your home with an invigorating and unique scent. One bottle of our scent drops is equivalent to 4-5 packages of melt tabs.

Room Spray


No longer do you have to buy room sprays that don't last long and the odor always comes back. Amarillo Candle Company sells room sprays that are available in one of our 150 scents and will quickly fill the room. Our room sprays will last longer than any odor in your room with just 1 or 2 sprays.

Toiletry Spray


Are you tired of smelling all of those odors in your bathroom? Amarillo Candle Company has the solution to that problem. With our toiletry spray's, you are able to actually trap the odor and flush it away instead of simply masking the odor. Use the toiletry spray prior to using the bathroom for full effect.

Sugar Scrubs


Amarillo Candle Company's Sugar Scrub is a natural product that can be used on your entire body or just on particular areas that can have rough patches, such as your elbows and feet. Our sugar scrubs are made from coconut oil, white sugar cane, and any one of our 150 scents to choose from.

Car Freshener


Have you found a candle scent that you absolutely love and wish that you could take it with you in your vehicle? Now you can get air fresheners at Amarillo Candle Company and take your favorite scent, out of our 150 scents, and take care of the unknown odors that may be lurking in your car.

New Products


Amarillo Candle Company didn't make it to where it is today by thinking inside of the box when it comes to candle making. By expanding beyond just making candles in glassware, you are now able to purchase a wide variety of unique products and scents, with many more to come in the future.