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Are you searching for that perfect candle? Do you want a candle that actually produces a long-lasting scent? We can deliver what you are looking for. We want to provide a custom candle like you've never had before. We are locally owned and operated. Our candles are hand-poured especially for you by people who care.

We offer the most unique candle experience ever! Our candles are handmade and poured to your favorite piece.

Here, you will find 100% soy wax candles in a 21oz or 12oz jar.

Melt Tabs
Our melt tabs are highly scented for maximum scent throw from your warmer. 

Wesgate Mall Store | Amarillo Candle Company

Room Sprays
Our Room Sprays are equipped with a fine mist sprayer and specially formulated for a long-lasting scent.

Bath Bombs
Bath Bombs by Amarillo Candle Company are simply amazing! We offer bath bombs in both regular and specialty versions! 

Our new retail location is now open inside Westgate Mall 7701 I-40 West, Suite 310, Amarillo, TX.

Stop by the mall or feel free to visit our original location at 2300 SW 6th Ave, Amarillo, TX. We don't stop there; Our product can be found in many other stores around the Texas panhandle.

Your Husband Called and Said,
“Buy ONE of Everything!”

Bath Bombs | Amarillo Candle Company

Amarillo, Texas / Unique Candles

Bath & Body

There’s no denying that bath bombs add a hint of magic to any bath. Since they exploded onto the bath market in 1989, the slow fizz and refreshing smells have been making bathtime happy. With a little extra bubble and some soft skin magic, bath bombs can enhance your tub time with a variety of relaxing and invigorating scents. Hand-mixed and pressed bath bombs offer a safe alternative to traditional bubble bath liquids. We offer both regular and specialty bath bombs. We offer bath bombs that can soothe frazzled nerves, promote more peaceful sleep, or boost your energy while softening your skin. 

Because our bath bombs are available in a wide variety of colors and scents, you can find one to meet any preference. You can choose your favorite color or your favorite smell to make any bath a treat for your senses. Our bath bombs gently fizz into your bathwater, slowly releasing refreshing scents into the bath as you soak. Choosing your favorite scents can add a spa-like atmosphere for your bathtime.

Enhance your bath bomb spa even more by adding one of our custom candles to your bath. Pairing bath bombs with our hand-poured candles can create a special and unique gift. Gifts are unique to each individual when you combine signature colors and scents from our wide selection. They make the perfect gift for shower hostesses, teachers, best friends, or co-workers. 

We put a personal touch in each candle to make it uniquely your own.

Custom Pours | Amarillo Candle Company

Amarillo, Texas / Unique Candles

Custom Poured Candles

We do a lot of thinking outside the box when it comes to custom pouring your candle for you. We don’t just respect individuality, we cater to it. It is our desire to create a unique and personal experience, and candle, for each customer.

Do you have that favorite glassware, you just KNOW a candle would look perfect in?  How about that wedding glass, Grandma’s china teacup or even a 2-gallon tin pail?

Our greatest passion is to pour the scent you have chosen, in the color you desire, into a container that is special to you. Affordable and unique, our customized candles are our crowning achievement and most rewarding customer service.

Custom Poured Candles. allow us to create the exact fragrance and color combination to make each purchase one hundred percent unique and personal.  You have precious pieces that deserve to be displayed. So why not fill them with fragrance? Not only are we dedicated to creating candles that exceed customer expectations, we also make every buying experience a unique one. We can pour you a Candy Cane candle in July. If you want an Apple Cinnamon candle but want it blue, we can do that too!

Thinking outside of the box and meeting new challenges in the pursuit of exemplary candle making and customer service is a driving force behind our passion. We are excited to brave this adventurous path with you. 

We pour candles into your favorite glassware.


Only place I will buy candles and their body scrub is amazing.... Smells are always being added, but my new favorite is their watermelon lemonade and their coconut lime verbena! I keep them lit in my house and on my desk at work... May just have to make a trip there tomorrow.... Their leather smell is amazing as well! Staff is always friendly and will go out of their way to help!

These hand poured candles are the best I've ever bought. Scent even lingers in the air after you've stopped burning them. I always order over the phone and have them ship to me-they go above and beyond every time. Exceptional customer service, quick responses, and fast shipping. Can't go wrong with Amarillo Candle Company. I'll continue to shop with them over any other candle company! I'll always have a little piece of home with me in Houston this way.

Love, love, love Amarillo Candle Company! The customer service is REMARKABLE! They were so helpful in helping me find complimentary smells for a sensitive sniffer. When asking about a certain type that wasn’t on the floor, they went back and pulled samples. There variety is unbelievable! They can fill anything you take them, even your old Bath and Body Works jars! And it’s CHEAPER to refill them than buying them at BBW in the first place! No more having to watch for sales! Shop local and support this AWESOME establishment!


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