Shower Steamer
Amarillo Candle Company 

Shower Steamer  by Amarillo Candle Company

Amarillo Candle Company offers a wide selection of products to enhance your bathtime. Our bath bombs and bath salts offer the opportunity to relax in the tub. Not everyone has a tub or has the time to soak. That is why, in addition to our fizzy bath bombs and our health-enhancing magnesium bath salts, we also offer shower steamers.

Everyone deserves the chance to feel special. Our shower steamers can enhance your morning or evening showers. You simply place your steamers at the bottom of your shower and they release therapeutic vapors.

Wakey Wakey offers an invigorating experience to help get you going in the morning. Sleepy time will help you wind down after a long day. We all know how miserable stuffy noses and colds can be. Sinus Soother will soothe and clear your sinuses.

You will leave the shower refreshed and ready for what’s next. Shower steamers also pair well with bath bombs and candles to create amazing gifts for every occasion. Give yourself or someone the chance to pamper themselves from home. By mixing and matching scents from our wide selection, you can create any mood, soothe the savage beast, or invigorate your morning.

Let’s face it. Life is busy. We don’t always have time for a long soak in the tub. We all want to feel pampered and can’t always commit time. Shower steamers from Amarillo Candle Company offer you some quick pampering.

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