Rescentable Car Freshener
 Amarillo Candle Company 

Rescentable Car Freshener by Amarillo Candle Company

Amarillo Candle Company offers a wide variety of fragrance choices for your home. In today’s fast-paced society, we spend just as much time in our cars as we do at home. That is why we are pleased to offer rescentable car freshener that freshens your car and make it feel just like home.

We have 200 scents that can be mixed and matched for unique scents that can freshen up any car ride. Our car fresheners work to eliminate car odors so you can enjoy running errands or long car trips.

Another choice for freshening your car is scent drops. Like car sprays, our scent drops offer long term results and a wide variety of scents. Scent drops are concentrated scent oils that come in a 15 mL bottle. When you purchase a bottle of scent drops, Amarillo Candle Company provides you with a hanging leather cut out. To activate the scent in your car, you will soak the cut out with your fragrance oil. After soaking, hang the cutout from your rearview mirror. When the scent fades, just repeat the soaking process to refresh!

Amarillo Candle Company wants to provide the highest quality products and ultimate customer service. Utilizing car sprays or scent drops are two options that we offer to keep your life, and car, smelling fresh every day.

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