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 Custom  Pours by Amarillo Candle Company

Amarillo Candle Company is dedicated to creating a unique and personal experience for each and every customer. As a part of building that special experience, we want to help you create unique and personal candles. We want to custom pour your candles to make them just right for you and the occasion.

Have you been saving your wedding stemware for the next special occasion? How about that china teacup that Grandma loved so much? Or maybe that 2-gallon tin pail in the garage? You can stop just saving your precious memories and start using them by turning them into beautiful candles! Amarillo Candle Company wants to take your glassware and pour a candle that you love.

You can choose the scent that perfectly complements your home. Or you can choose a unique color and scent that turns your glassware into a memorable gift. Either way, we want to custom pour a candle into a container that is special to you. Our greatest passion is creating candles that are personal and special for every customer.

In order to create special candles for our customers, we do a lot of thinking outside the box. When it comes to custom pouring your candle for you, Amarillo Candle Company doesn’t just respect individuality. We cater to it. It is our desire to create an experience and candle that is distinctive and singular for each customer. Our greatest desire is to pour the scent you have chosen into a container that is special to you. Affordable and unique, our customized candles rank as our crowning achievement and most rewarding customer service.

Custom pours allow us to create the exact fragrance to make each purchase 100 percent unique and personal. You have precious pieces that deserve to be displayed, so why not fill them with fragrance? We are dedicated to creating candles that exceed customer expectations. We also strive to make every buying experience an individual one.

At Amarillo Candle Company, thinking outside of the box and meeting new challenges is a driving force for our business. Our greatest joy is to pursue exemplary candle-making with the highest quality customer service. We are excited to brave this new and adventurous path with you, our customers. As we like to say, “If you want it apple and blue, we can do that, too.”

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