Amarillo Candle Company Products

Amarillo Candle Company Products | Candles

Here at Amarillo Candle Company, you will find candles made in our own 12oz and 21oz jars. We are also able to take any custom piece you bring in, create and pour a custom scent just for you. You won't find this type of service at any other retailer that sells candles.

Amarillo Candle Company Products | Wax Melt Tabs

Melt Tabs
Amarillo Candle Company's Melt Tabs comes in a pack of 6 hand made tabs. Our melt tabs can be used in any candle warmer. Our melt tabs can be mixed and matched in your warmer to create a unique and immediate fragrance that fills your home. So invite all of your friends to come over and enjoy.

Amarillo Candle Company Products | Car Spray

Car Sprays
Don’t waste your money on chemical-based car sprays that have no lasting power. You need a car spray that will linger to keep those pesky odors from returning. Amarillo Candle Company sells car sprays in 200 scents.

Amarillo Candle Company Products | Rescentable Car Fresheners

Rescentable Car Fresheners
Life is busy. Most people spend more than half of their time in their cars.  At Amarillo Candle Company, we understand that life often happens on the go. We want to help you make your car smell and feel like home. Our car Fresheners provide a pleasant, long-lasting fragrance. 

Amarillo Candle Company Products | Shower Steamers

Shower Steamers
Amarillo Candle Company offers a wide selection of products to enhance your bathtime.  Not everyone has a tub or has the time to soak. That is why we also offer shower steamers that wake you up, help you sleep and offer sinus relief. 

Amarillo Candle Company Products | Lip Scrub

Lip Scrubs
As with every product we offer, our lip scrub has no fillers. We strive to provide the highest quality product. We have perfected our blend of organic coconut oil, granulated sugar, and your flavor choice to offer the most balanced lip scrub.

Amarillo Candle Company Products | Sugar Scrub

Sugar Scrubs
Amarillo Candle Company's Sugar Scrub is a product that can be used on your entire body or just on particular areas that can have rough patches, such as your elbows and feet. Our sugar scrubs are made from 76-degree organic coconut oil, granulated sugar, and anyone of our 200 scents to choose from.

Amarillo Candle Company Products | Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs
Our bath bombs can soothe and soften your skin. The scents they release can invigorate or relax. Every time you use a bath bomb from us, you bring a bit of the spa into your home.

Amarillo Candle Company Products | Surprise Bath Bombs

Surprise Bombs
What could make a bath bomb from Amarillo Candle Company even better? A surprise hidden inside! Amarillo Candle Company offers unique bath bombs that are a magical experience for your bath.

Amarillo Candle Company Products | Magnesium Bath Salts

Magnesium Bath Salts
Take your bath time to the next level. Magnesium Bath Salts come in a wide variety of scents. Magnesium sulfate is great for tired, achy muscles - used in a bath or as a foot soak. Magnesium sulfate also helps the skin retain hydration. 

Amarillo Candle Company Products | Custom Candle Pours

Room Spray
We can help you keep your house smelling fresh and clean, even on those days when it might be less than perfect. Don’t let those busy life smells overwhelm you. When time runs out and you don’t have time to deep clean your home, we can make it smell like you do.

Amarillo Candle Company Products | Custom Candle Pours

Custom Pours
Do you have that favorite glassware you just KNOW a candle would look perfect in? How about that wedding glass, Grandma’s china teacup or even a 2-gallon tin pail? Our greatest passion is to pour the scent you have chosen, into a container that is special to you. 


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