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Amarillo Candle Company - 21oz Candles

The 21oz ready for purchase candle is 6” tall and 3” in diameter.


A benefit to having a 21oz candle is that the approximate burn time is 160 hours. That’s 90 more hours of burn time.


The 21oz candle is modern and classy with a sleek and stylish look, flared glass bottom, and topped with a large flat lid. Be sure to use proper candle etiquette when burning your candle.



Candle Etiquette


1. Keep wicks trimmed to ¼”


2. Use a wick dipper to dip or simply dip the wick back into the wax to extinguish. (This reduces soot)


3. Always burn till you have a complete burn pool across the top.


A complete burn pool should take 1 hour for every inch of diameter. (Ex. If your candle is 3 inches across; it should take 3 hours).