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Amarillo Candle Company - 12oz Candles

Amarillo Candle Company has tested our hand made candles to give you the most accurate burn time information available.


The 12oz ready for purchase candle is 4” tall and 3” in diameter.


The burn time is approximately 70 full hours from start to finish with a clean burn from top to bottom.


The 21oz candle is modern and classy with a sleek and stylish look, flared glass bottom and topped with a large flat lid. Be sure to use proper candle etiquette when burning your candle.


Candle Etiquette


1. Keep wicks trimmed to ¼”



2. Use a wick dipper to dip or simply dip the wick back into the wax to extinguish. (This reduces soot)



3. Always burn till you have a complete burn pool across the top.



A complete burn pool should take 1 hour for every inch of diameter. (Ex. If your candle is 3 inches across; it should take 3 hours).